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7 questions for parents

Sending a child off to college is an exciting time – it can also be unsettling. Parents may worry about their student’s new responsibilities, academic success, new friends and about their safety. Here are some steps parents and guardians can take to make sure the dorm room or apartment of a student is up-to-snuff when it comes to electrical safety.

Here are seven questions that parents should ask of college staff to make sure those in charge of the dorms have properly prepared for a fire – electrical or otherwise.

  1. How many fires have occurred on campus in the past few years?
  2. Does every room have a smoke alarm?
  3. Are the residence halls equipped with an automatic fire sprinkler system?
  4. How much fire prevention training do the staff and resident assistants receive?
  5. How many false alarms have occurred in the residence halls
  6. How often are fire drills conducted?
  7. What is the school’s disciplinary policy against students who cause false alarms or fail to evacuate when an alarm sounds?

It is an exciting time for college-bound students. These tips and questions are a way to help ease some of the fears and help college be a rewarding and safe experience.

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