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Annual water billings

Water meters are read annually, usually beginning in early September, to calculate annual usage.

Customers are bill annually, typically in October, for water usage that exceeds the monthly minimum.

Annual excess water bills are calculated on a 1,000-cubic-foot basis. The residential rate for water varies. Water rates are posted.

Water meter reader identification

Our meter readers wear a Vera Water and Power safety vest and carry photo identification. They will gladly show you their ID at your request. If you have a question or concern, please call our office at 509-924-3800.

Keep your water meter accessible

Keep pets away and gates open.
Our meter readers sometimes encounter dangerous or difficult situations. If this is the case, your meter may not be read. You can help by keeping your pets inside and away from meters. If your meter is located inside a locked gate, please make sure it is temporarily unlocked for our meter reader. If for some reason we’re not able to read your meter, we’ll contact you to schedule an appointment.

To submit a water meter reading.

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