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Crews responded to outage at 8th and Mamer

The power was restored at approximately 2 p.m. Please call us if you are still having trouble with your service. We want to thank everyone for their patience while we worked as quickly as we could to make the necessary repairs.

Update at 1:45 p.m.: The crews continue restoration work. The new pole has been placed. We will continue to update you. Thank you for your patience as our crew works as quickly and as safely as possible to restore the power.

Update at 11:10 a.m.: The fire was quickly extinguished, and Vera crews will be replacing the power pole. The only thing more important than the prompt restoration of service is your safety and the safety of our crews.

The estimated time for power restoration is undetermined. Thank you for your patience while we work to make the necessary repairs.

At 10:25 a.m., Vera crews and local firefighter were notified of reports of pole fire at the corner of 8th and Mamer. A power outage is impacting approximately 50 Vera customers in the same neighborhood.

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