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Vera not affiliated with Arcadia Power

Arcadia Power has been calling Vera Water and Power customers promising to provide them with “clean energy for free”. Arcadia Power isn’t actually selling electricity. They are a billing payment service. They pay your regular, monthly bill for the power you are consuming from Vera Water and Power, plus they add a fee of 1.5 cents per kilowatt hour which is about 22.3 percent to your bill. They collect your money and pay Vera Water and Power. You continue to receive the same service from Vera from the same electric grid. The renewable energy credits are not exchanged with your local utility.

What our customers need to know is that this offer is not endorsed nor promoted by Vera Water and Power. In fact, Arcadia Power is not a Washington state company. It is based in Washington, D.C., and it markets its services to renters across the United States.

Vera Water and Power's fuel mix is nearly 96 percent carbon free, and 86 percent of the total fuel mix is generated from hydroelectric generation. That means that the power Vera provides you is already very clean power. You can study our fuel mix by clicking here. Vera Water and Power is very proud of our environmentally-friendly fuel mix and our low-cost rates. We work hard to keep our rates low and to manage our environment.

Here's the bottom line. Vera Water and Power’s fuel mix is already 96 percent carbon free, and Arcadia Power will increase your energy costs by at least 22.3 percent. Vera has no affiliation with Arcadia Power.

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