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Report your outage

Call us at 1-888-774-8272.

The only thing more important than the prompt restoration of your water or power service is your safety and the safety of our crews.

Learn how to prepare for a power outage. We've given you tips on building an emergency preparedness kit.

Sometimes we are unaware of an outage unless it is reported. If your house is still without power after checking your breakers or fuses, please call our 24-hour office number.

If you hear or see anything that may help us to identify the cause of the outage, please notify us. If you hear a loud explosion or see a flash, we can use the information to help find the source of the outage.

Our phone system has a limited number of lines, so you may receive a busy signal when you call. Wait a few minutes, then try again, or visit Facebook or Twitter to receive updates. You may also inform us via email or social media.

Please note: Vera social media and email are not monitored 24 hours per day, so calling is the most effective way to notify us of an outage.

Learn about back up power supply for life support by click to this page.

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