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Energy Efficiency Programs and Rebates

Energy efficiency programsImages shows individual installing insulation.

The number of rebates is limited. Before you install, please contact Michael at

Vera offers rebates for items such as residential hot water tanks, residential lighting, windows, insulation, etc. Vera partners with Efficiency Services Group to offer a variety of rebates and incentives. Contact ESG at 1-888-883-9879 or Michael at or (509) 227-6827.

Rebate forms

Overview chart of all residential rebates (PDF)
Residential Lighting (PDF) Residential Heat Pump Water Heater (PDF)
Residential Ductless Heat Pump (PDF) Residential Water Heater (PDF)
Residential Manufactured Home Insulation (PDF) Residential Qualified Clothes Washer and Dryer (PDF)
Residential Site Built and Multi-Family Insulation (PDF) Residential Window and Door (PDF)
Residential Smart Thermostat (PDF) Residential HVAC with PTCS Steps to Participate (PDF)
Non-Residential Lighting Rebate Program (PDF) Residential HVAC with PTCS(PDF)

For commercial rebates, contact Efficiency Services Group at 1-888-883-9879

You can get up to a $5 per LED lamp rebate.Residential LED Rebates up to $5 per Bulb

The quality and variety of LED lighting have come a long way, but most importantly, the energy efficiency of the lighting is outstanding. To encourage you to use LED lights, Vera Water and Power provides a rebate of up to $5 per bulb on Energy Star qualified LED light bulbs. The rebate can’t exceed 70% of the purchase price of the bulb. Rebate form.

Residential Smart Thermostat Rebates

We offer up to $100 for qualifying smart thermostats for forced air electric furnaces or air source and ground source heat pumps. There is a limit of two per household.

General information about smart thermostat rebate program.

Advanced Smart Power Strips

Do you ever fall asleep watching TV, or leave the house/room and forget to turn the TV off? No worries! The APS system monitors the activity on your TV and automatically turns it off when it is not being watched. Advanced Smart Power Strips can save up to 50% of the energy used by TVs in typical households. Each household will be eligible to receive a professional installation of two APS systems and instructions on how to best use them.

High-Performance Showerheads

These high-performance showerheads will deliver a great shower, yet reduce the amount of water you use, saving on your water, water heating, and energy costs. Vera is committed to helping customers manage their energy use and hope you enjoy the benefits of the audit and products you receive through this program. This measure is currently only available to customers with electric water heaters.

Warm-up time and Dimmer Switches for CFLs

When turned on, CFLs do not initially come on at full brightness. It takes approximately one minute for CFLs to achieve their full brightness. This characteristic of CFLs is a result of how they manage the heat they produce to maximize the life of the CFL. CFLs are not to be used with dimmers. If used in a socket controlled by a dimmer, damage can occur to the CFL or the dimmer switch.

CFL Disposal

There is a correct way to dispose of CFLs when they fail. Like paint and batteries, CFLs should be recycled when they no longer work. Visit for recycling locations in your area.

For more information about ENERGY STAR lights, visit

Questions? Please contact Efficiency Services Group at (888) 883-9879

*Actual energy savings may vary depending on use. Vera Water and Power has secured the services of Efficiency Services Group, LLC (ESG) to supply and install showerheads and lights in homes in the Vera service territory.

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