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Residential Smart Thermostat Rebate Program

General Information

Homes that qualify for a rebate

  • Site built, manufactured and multi-family low rise and mid/high rise and new construction qualify for one smart thermostat per forced air electric furnace or air source and ground source heat pumps as their primary system controlled. There is a limit of two per household.
  • Thermostats that control cooling-only systems or dual fuel heating systems (gas furnace and electric heat pump) are not eligible for an incentive.
  • A house must have Wi-Fi.

Rebate amount

  • $100 rebate for qualifying smart thermostat.
  • Rebate(s) will not exceed 100% of the total cost and does not cover installation costs.

Qualifying Smart Thermostats

  • Must be listed on the BPA smart thermostat qualified products list
  • Must be set to the geographic location where the thermostat is located.
  • Thermostats controlling air source heat pumps must be programmed to recognize the existing heat pump system.

Installer information

  • Smart thermostats may be installed by homeowners or HVAC contractors.

Before installation: pre-approval

After installation: final documentation

  • You or your contractor must submit a final invoice to Vera Water and Power along with the completed and signed rebate application (PDF).

Quality assurance inspection

  • Vera Water and Power may do a follow-up inspection of your new smart thermostat.
  • If you are chosen for an inspection, you will be contacted beforehand to schedule a day and time with a Vera Water and Power field representative.

Customer rebate

  • After Vera Water and Power receives your complete rebate application (PDF) and final invoice, it takes approximately eight to ten weeks to receive the rebate check.

For additional questions regarding the Vera Water and Power smart thermostat rebate program, email or call 888-883-9879.

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