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Service Responsibilities

Electric Service Responsibilities

Utility Responsibility

Vera Water and Power is responsible for repairs and service up to the point of connection with the customer, including the electric meter.

Customer Responsibility

If you are using computers or other non-interruptible equipment, you should upgrade your meter sockets to provide manual circuit closing to prevent accidental outages during routine meter maintenance. You should provide protection for your equipment which might be damaged by single-phasing three phase loads.

Emergency GeneratorsYou must have interconnected generators inspected.

Any customer with emergency generator equipment interconnected with the utility system must have the equipment inspected by the appropriate governmental agency. The equipment must be connected by methods approved by the utility. Most installations will require automatic disconnect switches to isolate the electric generator from the utility system.

Water Service Responsibilities

Utility Responsibility

Vera is responsible for everything from the corporation stop and the water main.

Customer Responsibility

You own and are responsible for the maintenance of the water service line and its appurtenances. This includes the service line, the house shut-off valve, sprinkler control valve box with a backflow preventer and water meter. The water service line shall be defined as starting at the corporation stop on the main and continuing to the point of use. All damage due to freezing and vandalism and all water loss due to leaks are the customer’s responsibilities.

To help demonstrate the responsibilities, we have provided two graphics. One outlines water service with a water meter in a home's basement; another shows the water meter in an outdoor meter vault.

Insulation for water meters

Prevent your water meters from freezing weather by picking up your free insulation blanket at our office, located at 601 N. Evergreen Rd. Blankets are typically available starting in October. Call our office for more information.

Landscaping recommendations

Both water and power facilities can be affected by landscaping decisions.


Access to buried water boxes is necessary annually to read and maintain meters. Landscaping should be designed to allow access from above to these facilities.


Landscaping around transformers

When landscaping around a pad-mounted transformer (a 3-foot green box normally located in the front corner of the property), please remember that we will need to work inside this transformer. Keep an 9' area in front of the transformer clear, and do not put plants any taller than 3' near the transformer.

In this area, it would be acceptable to plant ground cover-type plants that do not grow more than a few inches in height or to install grass, bark or gravel.

Planting under powerlines

Taller varieties of trees frequently grow into the overhead power lines, which can cause outages and fires. When planting under overhead lines, varieties of trees that grow in excess of 12' should be avoided.

Once a tree reaches 18' in height, we will be forced to cut it down or trim it for safety reasons.

Service Requirements (PDF)

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