Vera in your backyard and on your property

Posted: November 7, 2019 at 9:50 am

We love dogs, but sometimes they are not so sure about us

dog leaning on a fence near a utility workerEven the nicest dogs can be aggressive when a stranger comes onto its owner’s property. Please enclose or restrain your dog from the backyard when work is scheduled on your property or the meter is going to be read.

From time to time, Vera employees may need to come to your home to do work on poles, power lines, transformers, water meters, or perform some other type of service. Sometimes, they may even need to be there at night.

For both your protection and theirs, please remember these safety tips:

  • If you ever question whether a person is a legitimate representative of Vera Water and Power, call us at 888-774-8272 to verify their identification and the reason for their visit.
  • Vera Water and Power employees have VWP identification cards. Please feel free to ask them to show you their cards.