Vera’s operations department dispatches water and power crews throughout the district

Posted: November 7, 2019 at 9:39 am
Vera Water and Power Assistant Operations Director Kim Poffenroth and Water Foreman Brady Stewart are coordinating construction schedule.

The day to day delivery of your water and power services is coordinated seamlessly through the professional services of our operations department in partnership with our customer service and IT departments.

While there is no typical day at Vera Water and Power, we are busier than ever with new construction, maintenance, and regular service calls. Over the past five years, our district has grown by 2.52 percent per year.

Additionally, we have been busy building redundancy in our system to improve reliability. Some of these projects included substation upgrades and the installation of new conduit within the district. Investments in projects like these make our delivery system more reliable than ever. So, you can count on us to keep the lights on and the water flowing.