A new look and feel for Vera inspired by our castle

Posted: August 19, 2020 at 1:13 pm

We’ve got a new look. And we are pleased to share it with you—our friends and neighbors.
You’ll be seeing Vera’s new logo around the neighborhood and in your mailbox.

Inspired by the historical Spokane Valley landmark in our front yard, you’ll spot our new look on Vera utility trucks, workers’ apparel and website. Vera helps make valley life happen with clean water and reliable, low-cost power.

The story behind the inspiration – the Vera Castle.

You’ve probably noticed our castle while driving down Evergreen Road. The castle is actually a wellhouse! Hand-dug in 1906, the well is 100+ feet deep. The structure was built using stones dug up from the construction of ditches. To this day, Wellhouse #1 provides water to homes, farms, and businesses in our district.