Hang up on phone scams

Posted: December 4, 2020 at 4:19 am

The Grinch is back. This time the Grinch is a phone scammer. We are getting reports that a scammer is calling our customers and demanding payment within 30 minutes or face disconnection. THIS IS A DISCONNECTION DECEPTION SCAM.

Scammers call threatening disconnection of your utility service, demanding immediate payment by prepaid cards purchased at a local retail store (or credit card, debit card, bank draft, wiring money, etc.), and insisting you call them back with the card information to make payment. We will send you one or more disconnection notices in the mail before disconnecting or shutting off your utility service, and we will offer several bill payment options without specifying the type of payment you need to make. Common utility scams >> https://bit.ly/3gbVif6