Clean Energy Implementation Plan

The Clean Energy Transformation Act (CETA), enacted in 2019, sets Washington on a path to a clean energy future. It requires Washington electric utilities to eliminate coal generation from their resources by 2025, be greenhouse gas neutral by 2030, and serve its retail customers with 100% non-emitting and renewable electricity. CETA requires electric utilities to prepare a clean energy implementation plan (CEIP) by January 1, 2022, and every four years thereafter. According to RCW 19.405.060, the CEIP must:

  • Propose interim targets for meeting CETA’s standards for greenhouse gas neutral electricity in 2030 and clean energy in 2045;
  • Identify specific targets for energy efficiency, demand response, and renewable energy;
  • Identify specific actions for meeting the interim targets and specific actions described above;
  • Ensure that all customers benefit from the transition to clean energy.

The District has submitted a CEIP to the Washington State Department of Commerce.  The plan details actions to meet targets for renewable and non-emitting energy, energy efficiency, and demand response.

Vera Water and Power Clean Energy Implementation Plan as submitted to the Washington State Department of Commerce.