Ball Booster Station project update

Project:  2021 Ball Booster Station and water main replacement

Location: South Sullivan Road between Belle Terre and Ball Drive.

Purpose:  This project will upgrade and improve Vera’s water system infrastructure for the south end of the district and provide enough capacity to provide service into the future.

The work: In order to tie the new water main into the existing water mains, the water service will be interrupted several times in the next few weeks.  We are currently coordinating a date and time for these outages and working to minimize the length of time due to the time of year. This important work puts the project closer to its completion and the restoration of Sullivan Road to its normal conditions. We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding as this construction with its many unplanned and scheduled water main outages has impacted the day-to-day activities of those affected customers. We are getting closer to the completion of this improvement project.

  • the construction of a new booster station building
  • the installation of 8” to 14” of transmission and distribution water mains, fire hydrant, water service reconnections
  • restoration of the pavement/surface


As of Jan. 25, 2022: Vera crews will continue to work onsite, installing the internal plumbing for this booster station throughout the winter and spring of 2022.


Project map: