How can I save water during the summer?

Summer’s hot, dry conditions triple water consumption for the average Spokane Valley family. Watering lawns is the single largest area of water use. Your lawn needs only one inch of water a week, including rainfall. We have some simple and inexpensive ways to help you conserve water.

  • Water in the early morning or evening when water won’t be easily evaporated.
  • Set your sprinkler to deliver large drops of water and avoid a fine mist that will evaporate. This way more water reaches the soil and can be absorbed into your lawn.
  • Adjust your sprinkler’s settings according to the temperature and rainfall.
  • Install a rain shut-off device that automatically stops your sprinklers when it’s raining.
  • Maintain a lawn height of 2.5 to 3 inches to help protect the roots from heat stress and reduce moisture loss.

We are members of the Spokane Aquifer Joint Board, local water utilities united for safe drinking water. As part of SAJB, we have even more community resources for saving water.

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