What should I do if my power is out?

Our crews work as quickly and safely as possible during an outage, but restoring power may take an extended period of time.

Reset your breakers or install new fuses

If your power is out, first reset your circuit breakers or install new fuses. If you still don’t have power, it may be an issue with our supply.

Report the outage – 888-774-8272

Often times, we are unaware of an outage unless it is reported. If your house is still without power after checking your breakers or fuses, please call our office – our phone number is operating 24 hours each day.

If you hear or see anything that may help us to identify the cause of the outage, please notify us. If you hear a loud explosion or see a flash, we can use the information to help find the source of the outage.

Our phones have a limited number of lines, so you may receive a busy signal when you call, especially in a widespread outage. Wait a few minutes, then try again, or visit our Facebook or Twitter to receive updates.

Protect your equipment while you wait

If the outage is after hours, it will take time for on-call crews to arrive on the scene, and, depending on the weather, it may be difficult for us to quickly restore the power in a safe manner.

While you are waiting for the power to be restored, unplug sensitive electronic equipment such as computers or TVs, which may be sensitive to surges created by repair procedures.

After an outage

If you think the power has been restored to your area, but your home is still without power, please call 888-774-8272.

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