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Comprehensive Water System Plan

Sep 12, 2015

An informational meeting to view the draft of the Comprehensive Water System Plan will be held on Sept. 15 at 4 p.m.

Sept. 7 Outage

Sep 07, 2015

Approximately 200 are without power in the Morningside area.

Welcome to our new website!

Jul 21, 2015

Get started by viewing our guide, giving you information about our new features.

Water use at all-time high

Jul 21, 2015

Vera's pump stations reached an all-time peak of water usage in the history of the company.

GM August Report

Jul 21, 2015

The General Manager Report discusses the summer demand stretching our electrical and water systems to their limits.

Meter seal removal

Jul 21, 2015

Information on the removal of electric meter seals, which are for safety and prevention of tampering.

Rate increase effective Oct. 1

Jul 21, 2015

Bonneville Power Administration has proposed a rate increase, which will go into effect on Oct. 1.

Energy tips

Jul 21, 2015

Energy tips to help you through the upcoming fall and winter.

Vera briefs

Jul 21, 2015

View the latest information on Vera's projects – Sullivan Substation, Woodlawn water meter replacement, remote water meter pilot and cost of service study.

Woodlawn Pre-Construction

Jul 21, 2015

The Woodlawn Water Main Replacement Project is underway, with notes from the pre-construction meeting with the engineering firm and contractor.
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