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Extreme heat can lead to power outage

This week’s record-breaking high temperatures bring with it the possibility of weather-related power outages. While we are not currently planning to conduct rolling blackouts, the electric distribution system is stressed and carrying some of the District’s highest summer electric demand load.

With these conditions comes the risk of unplanned power outages. We urge power conservation especially between noon and 8 p.m. Please be prepared for an unexpected power outage. If you have trouble with your service, call us at 888-774-8272.

Outage preparedness

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When it comes to value, publicly owned utilities provide some of the best prices for power. Our electric rates are half the cost of the national average.

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Annual Water Quality Report

Vera’s high-quality drinking water passes the test.

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Construction Requirements

Are you building new construction in the Vera Water and Power service territory?

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Ball Booster Station Project Update

Learn about our water system infrastructure improvement project on the sound end of the district.

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