Are there health and privacy issues with these new meters?

The new meter Vera is installing does not present health or privacy issues.

The meter we are scheduled to install has a sending unit that talks to our data collector utilizing a simple modem to connect to the substation over our power lines. The meters we are installing are not the “smart meters” seen on the news using radio or cellphones to send data, which have been questioned for their safety due to radio waves.

The questions of privacy surrounding smart meters have revolved around the amount of data that is collected and what is done with that data. The meter we are installing uses an ultra-low frequency to communicate with the substation, which takes the data packet 13 to 27 hours to send. This limits the amount a data that we collect to just the meter reading for demand and energy. This slow-sending method limits the data that we collect to no more than two meter readings per day.

Our data is stored in a secure server location. It is never shared with any commercial operation. The only outside entity that views the data is the Washington State Auditor’s office when they audit our system for security and accuracy.

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