Use metallic balloons safely

Colorful Mylar balloons can brighten any celebration, but if you do not dispose of these balloons correctly, you could literally be left in the dark. Be sure to know the dangers of Mylar balloons and use them properly.

Mylar balloons have a metallic coating that conducts electricity. If the balloons are released and come in contact with overhead electric lines, they can cause serious damage—including power outages and fires.

“Mylar balloons are intended to be fun and celebratory, but using them improperly causes inconveniences and safety hazards,” says Catherine Cronin, communications manager at Vera Water and Power. “Fortunately, with the proper precautions, Mylar balloons can be used without problems.”

The following tips will help you use Mylar balloons safely:

  • Always keep the balloons weighted so they do not accidentally fly away.
  • Never release a Mylar balloon. When you are done with the balloon, deflate it and throw it away.
  • Do not tie Mylar balloons to children with metallic ribbon. If the Mylar balloon comes in contact with electricity the child could receive a fatal shock.
  • If a balloon does get in a power line, do not attempt to retrieve it yourself. Contact your power company and emergency services.

We wish you happiness and safety in all your celebrations.