Water meter reading

How to read your water meter in 2020

To maintain social distance during the Covid-19 pandemic, we’ve changed how we’re reading water meters this year. Typically, our meter readers come to your property and read your water meter manually. This year, we would like you to read your own meter and send it to us. This way, we can reduce the number of people we send onto your property, lowering the risk of unnecessarily spreading the novel coronavirus.   

How to read your water meter  

STEP 1: Locate your meter box. It is usually located in your front yard. The meter will be found in a box in the ground. The lid should say “Water” on the top. Older properties may have round concrete lids. Open the lid using a tool such as a large screwdriver and remove the insulation blanket.  

STEP 2:  Once you open the meter box lid, lift the protective cap on the meter.   

STEP 3: Your meter is like your car odometer. You read the digits from left to right, and place the numbers, including any stationary zeros, in your water meter. If you notice water leaking from your meter or any other problems with your water service, please contact us.  

How to submit your water meter reading  

  • Online: Enter the reading on our website: Submit Meter Reading.  
  • Email: Email us at waterread@verawaterandpower.com. You can even send a photo of your meter from your smartphone. If you email your water meter reading, please include your name, the account service address, account number, meter number, and the date of the meter read.  
  • Phone: Call us at 888-774-8272.  
  • Mail: P. O. Box 630, Spokane Valley, WA  99037

When would we like the read returned to us?  

Please send in your read by Oct. 15, 2020.  

Questions or to schedule an appointment for a meter reading  

If you have any questions about finding or reading your meter or would like to schedule a time to read the meter for you, please call us at 888-774-8272.