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Since 1908

Vera Water & Power provides our customers the highest quality service at the lowest possible cost, while responsibly managing our resources, our employees and our environment

Help keep your rates low: If your address ends with an odd number, please consider starting your sprinkler system at 2 a.m. this summer

To spread out the peak demand for water, which is between 3:30 a.m. and 4 a.m., we are asking some of our customers to voluntarily start their automatic sprinkler systems at 2 a.m. Learn more. We have a list of sprinkler system controller manufacturers with links to their directions, support pages, and user guides.


The only thing more important than the prompt restoration of your service is your safety and the safety of our crews.

Our goal is to limit the number and length of outages you experience, but sometimes outages are unavoidable. Service can be interrupted due to weather, equipment, animals, trees or people.

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Water Saver

Test your toilet for leaks

Take this easy, 3-step test to see if you're losing water down the drain. It's quick, simple and free. We have a 90-second video that shows you how to do it.

DIY Video

Electric Safety Demonstrations

Take a trip to PowerTown

Created with safety in mind, PowerTown simulates the many ways people can be injured by being careless around electricity. Using a variety of different scenarios, the demonstration teaches you about the path of electricity and how to stay out of that path.


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