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Since 1908

Vera Water & Power provides our customers the highest quality service at the lowest possible cost, while responsibly managing our resources, our employees and our environment

Keep the water flowing all winter with an insulation blanket

You can help keep your water service from freezing by covering your meter with a foam insulation blanket. The blankets which are simple to use are free and available at our office. Please don't use home insulation because those products soak up water, freeze, and defeat the insulating purpose.

We have 3 easy ways to keep the water flowing all winter long.

Extension cord safety

During the holidays, we use extension cords to light up our decorations. Be sure to inspect your extension cords for safety. We have some tips to help you and your family stay safe.


Safety Sadie

Youth safety video with Vera's Safety Sadie

Do you and your children know what to do during a lightning and thunder storm? Safety Sadie does. This short video teaches your family what to do when the thunder roars. Safety Sadies reminds everyone that when the thunder roars, go indoors.

Safety Sadie Video

Annual Water Quality Report

Vera's high-quality drinking water passes the test

Our annual water quality report includes information about your drinking water. We prepare this report to meet the EPA's requirement s under the Safe Drinking Water Act Amendment. We test hundreds of water samples with a third-party laboratory to be sure your water meets or exceeds all the state and federal standards because serving you the highest-quality, safest water is our top priority.

2017 Water Report

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