Water Rates

New water rates effective June 1, 2024

The need to increase our monthly base rates and the excess water fees comes from a combination of factors that ensure the sustainability of our water supply and the reliability of our infrastructure:

  • Aging Infrastructure: The very systems that deliver your water require significant reinvestment. Aging pipes, pumps, and facilities need updating to meet today’s standards.
  • Rising Costs: The costs associated with maintaining and improving our service are climbing, not the least of which was a 42% increase in the price of materials required for system repair, replacement, and maintenance.
  • Equity and Fairness: Our revised rate structure is designed to equitably distribute the costs based on customer classification (for example, residential, commercial, and industrial) and meter size, recognizing the different levels of demand placed on our system.

By adjusting both the base and excess water use charges, we aim to distribute the responsibility of covering operational costs more evenly across our customer base. This approach helps us avoid placing an undue financial burden on any single group of our users.

Average Residential Customer
For the average residential(a) the monthly base charge will increase to $21.49; an increase of $1.71 per month. The same customer will see the annual excess water fee increase from $2.25 to $2.50 per 1,000 cubic feet of water. (For a residential customer, excess is considered water consumption above 24,000 cf annually.) This adjustment ensures that we can continue to provide the high-quality water service you expect, without placing an undue burden on any single group.

Other Customer Groups
Customers with larger meters, commercial customers and those requiring booster pumps due to their location will see larger rate adjustments. These changes reflect the actual costs of providing service to homes and businesses with higher demand or complex service requirements. The detailed water rate structure can be found on our website, verawaterandpower.com.

When compared with the national monthly average for water service at $73(b), and Washington state’s slightly higher average of $75(b), our water service proves significantly economical, providing the same service for an impressively lower average monthly rate of $23.49 to our residential customers.

We’re committed to making these transitions as smooth as possible, offering information and answers when you need them. If you have any concerns or want clarification regarding your bill or the rate changes, please do not hesitate to reach out. Our team is prepared to help.

Looking Ahead
As we implement these necessary rate adjustments, please know our goal remains to ensure the long-term viability and reliability of our water service. We are planning prudently for the future, committed to making strategic investments in our infrastructure that safeguard your access to clean, reliable water for decades to come.

Thank you for your understanding, patience, and continued trust in Vera Water and Power. We value our role as your water service provider and take seriously our responsibility to both our customers and the community we serve.


The details of the water rates can be found in our policy 400.

Vera’s full water rate schedule can be found in policy 4 on our website.

Our rates, including fire hydrant rates and policies, are fully described in our Policy 400 Rates, Charges, Tariffs, and Fees.

The water we provide is pumped from the Spokane-Rathdrum Aquifer. We pump water from 10 wells located throughout the district. All the wells are tied together through a pipe system — you may be receiving water from our oldest well, dug by hand in 1908, or our newest well, located at 24th and Adams, which started in 2013. In 2013, Vera Water and Power began full-time chlorination of the water system.